X Factor 2010: Rebecca Ferguson wasn’t always shy!

A former teacher of X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson has revealed the the mum of two wasn’t always so anxious about performing.

Paul Jay is co-proprietor of the Garston performing arts school in Liverpool, where Rebecca attended when she was just fifteen years old. Although the singer, now 24, has shown confidence issues on the ITV show, Paul admitted that before she had children, Rebecca was much more self assured.

He told the Liverpool Echo:

“She wasn’t as nervous as she comes across on television because it was before she had her children.

“It’s very rewarding to see her on The X Factor. If one or two of our students make it then it is all worthwhile.”

On Rebecca’s first audition for him Paul added:

“She had a tremendous voice.

“We were based in town back then and I remember Rebecca walking into the performance room. We asked her to sing for us and she did a Mary J Blige song and all the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.

“She came to us full time with the blessing of her school [Gateacre Community Comprehensive] at 15. Teenagers come to us if they are having a few issues at school, sometimes we experience a troublesome person but Rebecca wasn’t like that.

“All she wanted to do was sing and we knew she was going to do everything she could to make it as a singer.

“We were really pleased when she started coming to our voluntary classes outside of the course, it just showed how much she wanted to develop.”

Rebecca wowed the judges on Saturday night’s live show, with her rendition of Chris Issaks ‘Wicked Game.’ After her performance, Simon Cowell compared her to Mariah Carey saying:

I can tell that you’re nervous tonight. But that was total utter class. You’re beginning to remind me of when Leona Lewis was on this show and I saw somebody who week after week was turning into a star. Great, great choice of song.

Lisa McGarry

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