X Factor 2010: Rebecca Ferguson wouldn’t sing to her boyfriend for 2 years!

An ex-boyfriend of Rebecca Ferguson has admitted that he had been dating her for two years before she would sing for him.

The Liverpool singer wowed the judges on tonight’s show with her powerful rendition of ‘Feeling Good.’ After she sang Simon Cowell raved:

I absolutely love you. You have it just right at the moment, your timing is perfect, you are very cool, very current, your voice is on the money. This is a big week for Liverpool, they may have just found themselves a new popstar. That was genius.

However Becca’s ex Karl Dures claims that people have no idea how far the mother of his two children has come, revealing that it was only after two years of dating and one year after having their daughter Lillie-May, that Rebecca first sang for him. He told The Mirror:

“One day at home, totally out of the blue, she said she had a song for me. But she wouldn’t sing it until I turned around and faced the wall.

“It was a ­Beverley Craven song, ­Promise Me, and from the first line the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up.

“It was incredible. I was dumbstruck. I thought, ‘Whoa, this girl is good’.

“Yet even though I was her partner she couldn’t sing in front of me unless I faced the wall.

“She hasn’t had singing lessons – she is self-taught but is a natural talent. She sings at karaoke and has the crowd on its feet, blowing ­everyone away.”

Despite Rebecca’s easygoing manner and quiet charm, Karl says that she hasn’t led an easy life and said that she was often bullied at school.

He said: “Becky has had a hard life.

“At school she was surrounded by middle-class children who would have new bags and clothes and things, and she had none of that and got bullied for it. She doesn’t want our children to have the life she did.”

“Becky has been to college, so if this does fail, she has something to fall back on.

“The kids come first and singing could send them to good schools and give them a good house.

“But although Becky has the ability to be in the big time she feels she is getting old. She thinks this is her last chance at a singing career – it’s now or never.”

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Lisa McGarry

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