X Factor 2010: Richard Thomas fails to make bootcamp!

by Lisa McGarry

28 year old Richard Thomas was featured having his dreams dashed on tonight’s X Factor show.

The married singer showed off his two children, Chloe, 8 and Leigthon, 1. He told the cameras that he has been singing in pubs and clubs for years but wants to take the next step.

He said:

For my job I play a lot of clubs and pubs. I enjoy it but a lot of clubs have closed down and it’s getting hard for artists but I don’t know anything else. I wouldn’t have met my wife if I hadn’t of sang cos I met her at a place I was singing. My family are very supportive. My wife knows what I’m doing it for. I said to her, if I’m successful then we’re going to have the life we really want. I really want to do better for myself and my family. I don’t want to be a pub and club singer anymore.

Before he sang, Simon Cowell told Richard:

“This audition is about becoming a recording artist, so I would advise you to choose the song not to please the audience but to prove to us you are a recording artist.”

Insisting that he wanted to have some fun with his performance, Richard embarked on a rendition of Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson. He could sing in tune and we quite liked his spirit and personality but it really was like someone stepped out of a local karaoke bar and onto the X factor stage. We don’t see Richard on the live shows, he’s just not original enough.


Louis: Richard your song choice was good but everything else was all wrong. Its about 20 years out of date, You’ve picked up all the bad habits from pubs and clubs, your voice is ok, but we are looking for someone with a unique recording voice.

Simon: It was completely the wrong song and I think you knew that at the halfway point Richard. This crazy thing about I’m doing this to have fun, even as you were saying it I don’t think you believed that.

Nicole: You know Richard I don’t think that you were boring at all. You have great spirit when you perform. I want to come to where you’re at and come and have a drink with you and watch you sing. But we;re looking for a recording artist voice and I didn’t hear a unique quality.

Three nos and Richard’s dreams were crushed. Do you think he deserved a place in bootcamp? Leave your comments below.


Lisa McGarry

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