X Factor 2010: Simon Cowell has already agreed to sign One Direction

Simon Cowell has reportedly agreed to sign X Factor finalists One Direction, whether or not they win the competition.

Insiders say that fellow judge Louis Walsh is aware of the plan and the fact that Cowell has already appointed someone to manage the boyband after the show and this is why he so vehemently defended Belle Amie at the weekend.

On Saturday night Louis verbally attacked his boss and accused him of neglecting one of his acts, while clearly favouring the other. Belle Amie sang ‘I’ll Stand By You’ on the show, after admitting that they weren’t happy with the song that Cowell chose for them. Following their performance Walsh commented:

Well I think you are potentially a really great girl band but you’ve got a problem, you’re on your own in this competition.

Simon is putting all his energies into boyband One Direction and it’s not fair. It’s not fair and that’s why you picked that song. It wasn’t a great song choice but what were you to do? You’ve no mentor. It’s not right.

A source told The Mirror that Louis’ outburst was caused by the fact that Simon has already promised One Direction a deal. The insider said:

“The real reason Louis had a pop at him about not helping Belle Amie is that he has already said he’ll sign up One Direction even if the boys don’t win.

“He was heard saying in one of their early auditions, ‘I would sign them now if that was an audition in my office’.

A spokeswoman for Simon insisted that he hasn’t decided who he’s signing after the show.

She added: “It’s too early for all that. One Direction may fall out of the competition.

“Every act has a manager. Only the winning act gets a record deal.”

Lisa McGarry

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