X Factor 2010: Simon Cowell ‘judges won’t overshadow contestants’

X Factor boss Simon Cowell has said that he hopes the guest judges won’t overshadow the hopefuls in this years series.

Admitting that he has been responsible for judges personalities, feuds and tantrums ruling the show in the past, Simon said that this year will be all about judges passing on their opinions and experience to the contestants.

Cowell said:

Sometimes we have gotten into the habit, and obviously I’m partly responsible for this, of the judges’ personalities being talked about more than the contestants.

The judges are there for their opinions, so for me the most important criteria for sitting on a judging panel is, do you actually know what you are talking about?

On what he and his fellow judges are looking for from this year’s winner, Simon explained:

Tastes change all the time and I think it can actually change over time. If you look at the pop music world today, it’s completely influenced by Lady Gaga, Glee, Katy Perry. Two years ago it was a very different landscape. And the reason we call the show The X Factor is it’s more than just a singing voice, because if it were only a singing voice we could just as easily make a show where contestants send in tapes and we listen to the voices. All great artists are relevant. They have that steel in their eyes – it’s charisma, personality, being unique, entertaining, all those things rolled into one.

He added:

I want someone who stands out from the crowd. Someone who knows who they are and what they want to be – not people copying an artist who is already out there. I want them to be telling me what music we should be making for people their age – especially the younger ones. They have to be relevant.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!