X Factor 2010: Simon Cowell mocks Storm Lee’s name (VIDEO)

by Lisa McGarry

Storm Lee made his X Factor debut tonight.

The singer is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland but moved to America when he was just 17 in the hopes of breaking into the music business. He has enjoyed some degree of success but this year, returned to the UK to try out for the ITV talent show.

For his X Factor audition, Lee sang ‘Every Breath You Take’ by Police but when he finished, Simon said that the performance didn’t work and Storm was allowed to sing his second song ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ by U2.


Simon told him:

“I’m not going to call you Storm anymore, because I think it’s a stupid name.”

Cheryl Cole admonished him saying:

“Simon! I’m going to call him Storm. I think that’s very very rude.”

Storm laughed:

“I think it is. Thank you Cheryl.”

Simon just replied:

“Ok, if I turned up tomorrow and said I’ve changed my name to Lightning, what would you say?”

“It’s not the same thing. I’d call you Lightning. I would,” Cheryl insisted.

Storm defended changing his name saying:

“Would you say that to Elton John? That you wouldn’t call him Elton because it’s not his real name? Or Lady GaGa?”

But Si wasn’t to be swayed, he concluded:

“Look, my issue with you is that I can’t take you that seriously with calling you Storm and then trying to be a rock star, when it hasn’t worked before and I don’t think will work going forward..”

“If you continue under this character you’ve created it won’t work out for you, in my opinion.”

Simon may not have liked his name, but he liked ‘Lee’s’ singing and three yeses later, Storm had performed his way into bootcamp. Do you think he can make the live shows? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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