X Factor 2010: Simon Cowell replaces tomorrow’s show

Simon Cowell has reportedly demanded that an episode of The X Factor, due to air in September, will instead be shown on ITV tomorrow night.

The swap came about after Simon and the producers spent days editing and re-working audition footage, after viewers complained about auto-tuning on last week’s show.

Cowell, 50, told The Daily Mail: ‘People have got to be able to trust The X Factor – we are not faking anything.

‘People love this show, millions watch it every week and we absolutely respect that, we never take it for granted.’

After more than 300 people complained to ITV about the use voice altering technology on the reality TV show, Simon ordered a complete ban on auto-tuning from here on in. The numerous newspaper articles and widespread media coverage of the issue even led to American idol bosses issuing a statement denying that they touch up their contestant’s vocals.

A source revealed:

‘From now on, nothing is going to be done to the sound on The X Factor.

‘It’s not been the greatest week and Simon was up till 3am on Thursday morning working on the show. Two shows are edited concurrently and he made the decision that viewers need to have the best show this week.’

‘The sound edit is not done until Saturday afternoon, so whatever was said about shows being forced to be reedited to get rid of the auto-tuning is absolute nonsense,’ the source added.

‘The thing that really riles Simon is the notion that some people think The X Factor is using auto-tuning to make people sound worse for entertainment. [You can’t] – just as you can’t use it to make a bad singer into a good singer.’

Last night a show spokesman confirmed: ‘There will be no auto-tune in audition shows or competitive performances on live shows.’

They may however allow guest stars to use the technology during their live performances.

Lisa McGarry

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