X Factor 2010: Tobias has his 21st job interview!

by Lisa McGarry

20 year old Tobias makes his TV debut on tonight’s X Factor show.

He tells the cameras:

‘My name’s Tobias, I’m 20 and I’m a clothes shop manager from Hull. I’ve had about 20 jobs and they’ve all been a bit random or boring. I’ve worked in a car wash, I’ve worked in a pub, in a shoe shop, I’ve been a dish washer, a tour guide in a museum. I’ve done so many things and I’ve never really thought that they’ve been right for me. Singing – I think I’ve finally found the job that I want to do. X Factor feels as though I’m going for a massive interview for the best job that I’ve ever had. I’ve just got to make a good impression.’

Tobias takes to the stage.

Simon: How have you prepared for today?

Tobias: My Gran told me to drink lots of honey cos it helps my vocal cords, or something like that.

Simon: I was thinking more in terms of weeks of gigs.

Tobias: I’ve been singing a lot, but this might sound a bit weird, I don’t like singing in front of people.

Simon: Well you know what, why don’t we just ask everyone to leave?

Tobias sings Elton John’s Your Song (the Moulin Rouge arrangement) acapella.

Louis: I think you’ve got a good rock voice but you’re going to have to start believing in yourself. Do a better interview…you’re making us nervous.

Nicole: I really like your voice a lot. You have a really unexpected fire behind your voice. You’ve had a lot of jobs but hopefully the train stops here.

Simon: I think you’ve got a good voice. My problem is you. It’s a little bit of a worry when you’re 20 years old and this is potentially your 21st job.

Will Tobias land himself his 21st job? Tune in tonight at 7.45pm to find out¬


Lisa McGarry

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