X Factor 2010: Tom Richards divides the judges

by Lisa McGarry

16 year old Tom Richards makes his TV debut on tomorrow night’s X Factor show.

The teenager, from Pontypridd in South Wales, turned up to the show’s Cardiff auditions and sang for Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Pixie Lott. He started with The Scripts Man Who Can’t Be Moved but the panel weren’t convinced by his performance.

Cheryl thought it was a little contrived and said:

“When you sing a song like that it’s about the emotion and the lyrics should make you move a bit when you feel it but that was a little bit contrived at times. Apart from putting on the little act, vocally I thought you were the best in this category we’ve had today. ”

Louis loved his voice but was unconvinced by his performance. He said:

“I liked the voice but I don’t know what all the silly stage antics were – running here and running there. But, I loved your voice.”

Simon Cowell said he was dated and added:

“The market has moved on drastically for a singer like you and your age. That was what I would call a boyband performance from five or six years ago. I think it’s crucial that you know the gap in the market and what you’re trying to do.”

The judges agreed to give Tom another shot to perform something a bit more current….so what did he decide to do? A musical theatre number! Simon exclaimed:

“Hang on a minute. Did you listen to what I just said to you? What did I just say to you? I’m now relying on you to tell me what people of your age want to buy from you.”

But Tom stuck to his guns and said ‘on my own head be it’ before launching into a rendition of This Is The Moment from stage musical Jekyll and Hyde.

Afterwards Simon declared:

“I don’t think you could have chosen a worse song. You’re not what I’d be looking for as a popstar, so it’s a no.”

Cheryl added:

“You’re trying to show us what you can do vocally and stuff but what we’re looking for is someone who comes in and says, look this is who I want to be this is where I want to go and you sang two completely different songs. Despite all that, I’m going to say yes”

Louis declared: “Well I’m saying yes.”

Pixie joins Simon and gives Tom a no, but the audience revolt and Louis begs her to change her mind.

Will Pixie buckle under the pressure from Louis’ and the audience or will she stick to her guns? Tune in at 7.45pm tomorrow night to find out!

In the meantime check out a clip of Tom singing The Wanted’s ‘All Time Low’ below.


Lisa McGarry

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