X Factor 2010: Treyc Cohen replaces Katie Waissel as show closer

Katie Waissel was said to be furious on Saturday, after Simon Cowell insisted that Treyc Cohen close the first X Factor live show instead of her.

Katie, dressed up in a strange helmet and posing with a keyboard, was supposed to be closing the show with her quirky performance of ‘We Are The Champions.’ However, after Cowell heard the girls in dress rehearsal and realised how phenomenally well Treyc could belt out U2’s ‘One,’ he changed the running order.

An insider told The Sun:

“He was genuinely stunned by how good Treyc was. He was blown away. He hadn’t seen her at Judges’ Houses and felt he had missed something really special.

“Katie had been due to close the show and had one of the most elaborate sets and costume for that reason.

“But in the end it was simply Treyc – no gimmicks, just her amazing vocal, that he felt was the most powerful.

“Katie felt it was a massive snub and that Treyc had stolen her place on the show. It’s the best slot because you are the most fresh in people’s minds.

“The whole running order had to be changed but Simon felt that, among all the drama with Gamu, Treyc had somehow been overlooked.”

When the show aired, Katie split the judges with her Queen themed performance. Louis Walsh didn’t like it and said:

Katie when you first auditioned I thought you were more style than substance and after that performance I haven’t really changed my mind. I don’t know who Katie is, it’s a little of Madonna, it’s a little bit of Gwen Stefani and I honestly think the song was too big for you.

Dannii Minogue added:

Katie it must have been so hard to do that after everything that happened this week. I thought vocally it was fierce. I don’t get the whole look, I loved what you were wearing in auditions but I don’t get tonight’s look.

However, everyone of the panel loved Treyc’s powerful rendition. Simon Cowell enthused:

I am amazed that we overlooked you in this competition. I don’t like what you’re wearing but it’s not an issue because by a clear mile, that was the best vocal of the night.

Cheryl Cole added:

I feel like the luckiest judge tonight. That was incredible I am so happy to have you here so thank you so much for delivering!

It seems as though Simon backed the right contestant!

Lisa McGarry

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