X Factor 2010: Wagner the sex pest makes girls uncomfortable

Insiders have reportedly branded X Factor finalist Wagner Carillho a ‘sex pest’ and claimed that he has been given a serious talking to by show bosses, about his treatment of female contestants.

As well as flirting with Dublin woman Mary Byrne, the Brazilian singer has allegedly been hugging and stroking other girls as well as making very suggestive comments.

An X Factor source told The Mirror:

“He was taken aside and told to tone down his behaviour and ­ensure it was appropriate.”

A spokesman confirmed: “We have a duty of care to all our ­contestants and staff which we take very ­seriously. Wagner was spoken to and this matter has now been resolved.”

The series of incidents are said to have led to Wagner being ostracised by the rest of the competitors and most likely explains his departure from The X Factor house last week.

A source said: “Wagner is by far and away the least popular ­contestant because of his over-the-top behaviour. He makes noise late into the night and he’s very ­confrontational.

“He makes the girls ­uncomfortable. He’s touchy-feely and likes kissing and ­cuddling. He says it’s who he is and it doesn’t mean anything.

“But that’s not how they see it. He’s turned into a bit of a sex pest. In the house the girls dread him coming in.

“If he sits at the table and one of the girls is there they make their excuses and leave so they don’t have to be near him. If he’s sitting next to a girl on a sofa he will think nothing of ­grabbing their legs and grabbing their face or trying to kiss them. He says to them, ‘You’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous, you’re sexy’ and pretends it’s all fun but when he’s gone all the girls talk about how much they hate it.

“There was an incident at the studio when he was getting his make-up done and he leaned over and grabbed the make-up lady around the thighs.

“He said, ‘You’re sexy, you’re so beautiful’ and wouldn’t let go until the head of the make-up team told him categorically he had to.”

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