X Factor 2011: ITV admits to using effects (but not auto-tuning) on Kitty Brucknell’s voice

ITV bosses have responded to X Factor furious fans, who took to Twitter to blast the use of computer effects on Kitty Brucknell’s voice last Saturday.

The Britney Spears impersonator sounded strange for the first verse of her rendition of ‘Sweet Dreams’ on the Halloween themed episode, but producers claim they did not auto-tune her voice but just added an effect to make her sound a bit more robotic and strange.

It was all supposed to fit in with the fright night theme, but some viewers weren’t happy with the decision.

One took to Twitter to blast:

x factor autotune yet again kitty cant sing nor can frankie man this shows went down hill [sic]

Another added:

Turn off that autotune! If there’s anyone on there who doesn’t need it it’s Kitty

However an ITV insider told The Mirror, that they did not autotune Kitty’s voice, or change her pitch or tuning during the performance. They said:

“This is nothing like Auto-Tuning and we do not use any effects which would materially change or mislead viewers as to the pitch or tone of the original vocal.

“It was a robotic-echo effect in line with the track.”

Still some think that producers were still unwise to even attempt any effect, after Gamu gate last year which caused an uproar when it emerged that technical staff had autotuned Gamu Nhengu’s audition for the ITV show.

A source blasted:

“Given the furore over the Auto-Tune scandal, the fact that someone gave the green light to alter the vocal in any way whatsoever….. is unbelievably stupid and naive to say the least.

“Millions of viewers are turning off the show and this trickery smacks of a way to make people sit up and take notice again – but it’s backfired horribly.”

With X Factor ratings on the decline and Strictly beating the ITV show for the first time in four years, it appears that bosses are desperate to try anything to keep us watching. Unfortunately all their antics seem to be having the opposite effect.

Did you enjoy Kitty’s performance on Saturday? Did you even notice the effects on her voice? Leave your comments below.

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Lisa McGarry

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