X Factor 2011: Sinead Murphy says lesbian lover Sami Brookes is her ‘rock’

by Lisa McGarry

Samantha stuns the judges!

Samantha Brookes previously revealed that she is a lesbian and has a girlfriend, but opted to keep her partner’s identity secret earlier this week. However, the blonde beauty has decided to out herself and spoke to The Sun newspaper about what a wonderful woman the singer is.

The Welsh 31 year old greeting cards sales assistant was featured on Saturday’s episode of the X Factor, making the panel laugh with her non stop chattering and wowing them with her emotional rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘One Moment In Time’.

She later revealed that she is deeply in love with her girlfriend and wants to start a family with her. She called her mystery woman, her ‘rock,’ but today Sinead Murphy has insisted that actually, it’s Sami who has turned her life around.

She said:

“I love Sami so much. She calls me her rock but she is mine.

“She has an amazing voice and she’s growing in confidence by the minute. I am the only person in the world she loves more than Louis Walsh!”

Speaking about her struggle to start a family, Brookes revealed that she can’t conceive naturally, but is keen to adopt a baby that she and Sinead can raise together. She added:

“I’ve been told I can’t have children but I want to adopt.

“I want children more than anything. I don’t really have any contact with my mum so when I have children I want to be really close to them. Sinead is my rock. She’s amazing and takes everything in her stride.”

Samantha was seen at the weekend winning four yeses from the judges and a place in bootcamp. Find out if she made it any further by checking out our list of some of the acts that have made judges houses here.

Lisa McGarry

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