X Factor 2012: Cheryl Cole ‘totally betrayed’ by big mouthed Simon Cowell – won’t work with him again!

Cheryl Cole is reportedly furious with her former boss Simon Cowell, after the revelations that were made about her in a recent biography of his.

The music mogul granted author Tom Bowers unprecedented access to his life, while he compiled the book on the X Factor boss and though the finished product is officially unauthorised, it is widely accepted that all the claims made in it are based on truth.

For this reason Cole is said to feel totally ‘betrayed’ by the X Factor boss, who she feels degraded her when speaking about the relationship they used to share.

Simon and Cheryl were always close, ever since she joined the lineup of the ITV show back in 2008 but in the book, it is claimed that she teased and tempted Cowell, who fancied her madly, so that she could get what she wanted from the TV boss.

It claimed that both Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh were jealous of the sway she held over Simon, while he supposedly admitted that he was entranced by her charms.

The author also wrote that the decision to sack Cheryl from the X Factor USA last year was made by Simon and not American TV executives and it is said that she originally accepted a big money deal to return to the UK show, where she would be given Cowell’s plush dressing room as part of her new contract.

However, he claims that her new manager Will.i.am put a spanner in the works and in the end, she left Simon in the lurch and refused to speak to him again.

Things had just started to thaw between the pair, but now they seem to be at loggerheads once more and a source told The Mirror:

“Cheryl is disappointed and angry at what he has said and can’t understand why he has done it. Their relationship was not in a great place anyway.”

“This just makes things worse and virtually rules out any chance of them working together ever again.”

Cheryl seemed to be sending a message to Cowell this weekend, when she took to Twitter to write:

Its Amazing what a few kind, genuine words can do for someone..And vice versa how mean words that don’t really mean anything can affect them

Choose your words carefully.. Life is tough enough!..

Lisa McGarry

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