X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney insists he missed final because of chest infection – Jonjo Kerr blasts him for being abusive to Carolynne Poole!

by Lisa McGarry

Christopher Maloney has insisted that he missed last night’s X factor final because he was unwell, but some sources are telling a different story.

It was reported yesterday that the 34 year old had stormed out of rehearsals for last night’s finale after being given only one line to sing in an ensemble performance with his fellow contestants.

An X Factor official told Unreality TV at the time:

‘Chris decided he no longer wanted to be part of The X Factor Final and has gone back to Liverpool.’

However he didn’t go back to Liverpool and after Twitter came alive last night with reports that he had been abusive towards Carolynne Poole and definitely less than sober earlier in the day, Chris apparently returned to the Manchester Central Arena and asked to be included in the group performance after all.

However the singers were already on stage and on being told that it was too late to join them, it’s claimed that he stormed off for the second time in one day.

Last night Maloney claimed that he missed the show due to a sore throat and tweeted:

“thank u @TheXFactor had a wonderful Time. an amazing experience. love u all. sorry I had a sore throat an doctor signed me off. good luck x”

This morning he added:

“good morning guys, still got a really bad chest infection. :-X still on antibiotics. love u all thank u so much 4 all ur love and support xx”

In between those two tweets there was a whole flurry of messages, attacking country singer Poole, accusing Gary Barlow and The X Factor of taking part in a witchhunt against him and you can read all of them here.

However, some fans have suggested that Chris could be lying as he certainly wasn’t sick as he hit gay bars around Manchester all over the final weekend.

It was reported that he went to Via bar in the city’s popular Canal Street area on Friday night to perform karaoke with drag queens, despite being told to stay in the hotel by show bosses.

A Twitter user posted a picture of the Liverpudlian in another gay club – Cruz 101 – reportedly taken on Saturday night after he was eliminated from the series and the caption read:

“Poor Chris Maloney has a sore throat after his bender in cruz”

Too sick too sing, not too sick to party it seems!

Meanwhile, former X Factor finalist Jonjo Kerr has become the latest star to hit out at the scouse performer.

The soldier and singer made it onto the live shows last year and got close to Carolynne Poole when they both attended bootcamp and judges houses together.

He has perhaps been talking to his pal about the incident that reportedly occurred behind the scenes yesterday because he tweeted Maloney this morning saying:

“@ChrisMaloney77 your a disgraceful human being talking to women the way you have! You should be greatfull to be in that position you mug!”

“I KNOW for a fact he has been vile towards females! No excuse! Horrible man x”

He added:

“he has been very nasty and upset a friend of mine (who’s female) he’s a horrible man x”

“It’ll probably be swept under the carpet? He should be kicked off the tour #DisgustingCreature that’s no way to behave? x”

“ranting and raving at females calling them horrible names! #DisgustingCreature! Hate him now”

It’s been reported this morning that Chris’ place on tour could now be in jeopardy because of his actions, even though it was confirmed that he topped the public vote for the first seven weeks of the series.

What do you think of it all? Is Chris as guilty as he’s being portrayed? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below….

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!


  1. SJ on December 11, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Listen Lynsey if you were so against all the flack Chris has been getting why have you never called the Chris haters trolls? Hmmmmm? Yet me who has been thinking the same as you & has campaigned regularly to have it investigated & stopped, you choose ME to brand the internet troll? I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous & out of line & for the first time I’m offended by someone’s comment. It’s based on the fact you’ve never once said anything mean to the anti Chris as*holes on this chat forum yet you think I’m a troll as soon as I get into an intimidating, heated debate with another member who oh unsurprisingly is one of those people who despise Christopher. Don’t ever try & be nice to me Lynsey after what you’ve just done because I will just throw it all back in your face by ignoring you!

  2. SJ on December 11, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    Fortunately I’m not Carolynne. I’m just some scottish citizen called Sarah-Jane, ahaha. Are you Christopher? Lol 🙂

    Frito, haven’t you seen the way I have been sticking up for Christopher for the past ten weeks in a row? I’m one of his biggest, loyal fans out there :p

  3. frito on December 11, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    Didn’t really think you were Carolynne but just with you saying about your nasty side. She appears to have a nasty side too. I would just ignore refs to you being a troll – pot calling kettle comes to mind. There are some vicious minded people on here who fit that description far more aptly than you do.

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