X Factor 2012: Dannii Minogue will only return if Simon Cowell sorts the ratings!

by Lisa McGarry

Dannii Minogue has teased that she will only make a return to the X Factor if Simon Cowell sorts out its problems first.

The Australian star was one of the most popular judges ever to feature on the ITV show but was pushed out last year when audition dates were shifted to suit Gary Barlow but then clashed with her commitments on Australia’s Got Talent.

It was reported that the mum of one may return next year, now that AGT has been cancelled but with ratings on the decline and the show shedding viewers, it seems she feels like there would be too much pressure on her to fix things.

The X Factor had its worst ratings since 2004 two weeks ago and pulled back only slightly last weekend, due to a performance by One Direction. They are lagging behind Strictly Come Dancing, who are regularly attracting up to three million extra viewers each weekend.

In an interview with HuffPost Celeb, Dannii was asked if she would come back and confessed:

“Do you know, if we could get those ratings back up!”

She added:

“But all that pressure on my shoulders? I don’t know. I’m enjoying life now.”

Minogue says she has different priorities now and is enjoying not being caught up in the X Factor’s media circus, explaining:

“I’m kind of ‘that was for a few years’. I think a lot changes when you have a baby. You kind of love what you do but put in perspective that everything has its time and place.”

It was reported last week that Cowell is desperate to convince both Dannii and Cheryl to return to the panel and believes that is the only thing that can fix the show.

He thinks all his lost viewers would return if the ladies did and even though Dannii’s not committing to anything right now, she did admit that its been amazing to get such positive attention from fans.

The singer and actress said:

“It was amazing to get reaction on Twitter. Even when we were in the Middle East, I had all ex-pats stopping me and going, ‘we miss you, come back!’.

On what she would change about the series she mused:

“I don’t know….it has to evolve and change and they’re doing with it what they want to do with it and I’m not a part of that any more.”

Do you wish she was? Would you like to see Dannii back on the ITV series and do you think her return would boost ratings? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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