X Factor 2012: Ella Henderson hasn’t had a boyfriend before Union J’s George Shelley – Louis Walsh admits he tried to find something negative to say about the teenager

X Factor 2012: Ella Henderson sings Loving You

Ella Henderson has never, ever had a boyfriend.

The X Factor contestant is reportedly dating fellow hopeful George Shelley, from boyband Union J, however her dad says that before joining the lineup for the ITV show, she had never dated anyone before.

In an interview that’s sure to make the 16 year old singer cringe with embarrassment, her father goes on to claim that he doesn’t think she is seeing George, or District 3’s Dan Ferarri-Lane, as has also been claimed, because his daughter is too focussed on her music.

Sean Henderson told heat that recent press reports about Ella’s love life were definitely not ‘accurate’ and explained:

“We knew the boyfriend stories were nothing, and Ella’s said there’s nothing in it.”

He added: “The suggestions of George being her boyfriend aren’t accurate. I know Ella – she’s focussed purely on each week, on the song, rehearsing and making everything perfect.”

We don’t know about you girls, but we know that we didn’t tell our dad when we had a new boyfriend when we were sixteen. We think the bookies predictions that Ella and George will be pictured snogging during the series at some point, are probably on the money.

We’d love to see an X Factor romance too…wouldn’t you?

Meanwhile, Louis Walsh has admitted that he may have been clutching at straws when he criticised Henderson’s appearance on Saturday’s show.

Nicole Scherzinger called the teenager a ‘timeless goddess’ after her performance of ‘Lovign You’ on the ITV show, however Louis was less positive and commented:

“I think you are a worldwide recording artist, I don’t like that you are styled like Adele. I love Ella, but it’s kind of Adele-ish though.”

Speaking on The Xtra Factor he admitted that he had to scour his brain to find something negative to say about Ella, which makes us wonder why he bothered. He said:

“There is nothing I could say negative about Ella, I was trying to find something, I picked the styling.”

The Irish star added:

“She is an amazing original talent.”

What do you think people? Are Ella and George dating? Was Louis right to criticise her just for the sake of it? Leave your comments below…

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