X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow says people are acting like Christopher Maloney has ‘killed somebody!’

by Lisa McGarry

Gary Barlow admitted on tonight’s X Factor show that he was getting uncomfortable with the way Christopher Maloney is being treated on and off the ITV show.

After Tulisa and Louis Walsh blasted the contestant following both his performances, yet paid little attention to his vocals, Gary told his fellow panellists:

“I am starting to feel slightly uncomfortable with the criticism you are getting, all week long and here at the weekend.”

Speaking afterwards on The Xtra Factor he explained his comments, telling Caroline Flack that he is shocked by the amount of hate Maloney has been getting this week.

He said:

“He is a guy from Liverpool who is just singing on a talent show and it’s like he’s killed somebody. Give him a break for God’s sake.”

Of course we already know that Chris left Twitter earlier this week for a few days, after receiving a number of death threats and he looked pretty despondent this evening, as he faced another barrage of criticism.

However, many of you believe he deserves the harsh critique and one viewer named Gav commented on our review of Chris’ Motown performance saying:

“I’m sorry but that was garbage the tuning was off big time not good at all time for him to go”

Tulisa is hoping the Liverpudlian singer will leave on tomorrow night’s show and confessed:

“After last week I really can’t call it, it’s impossible.”

“In my view I would say Christopher [should go] but I don’t think he will because people will vote for him anyway.”

They may not after reading tomorrow’s Sunday Mirror though. Gary has said that people are treating the singer like a murderer and that’s exactly what’s being implied in a new story, in which a former colleague of his claims that Chris tried to strangle her on a cruise ship.

What do you think of Christopher Maloney? Are you a fan? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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