X Factor 2012: GMD3 changing their name to District Three (District 3)?

GMD3 have been on the hunt for a new name all week long and it looks like they have finally settled on one.

The three piece boyband stunned Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne at X Factor’s judges houses recently and the only problem the famous pair had with the ensemble, was their name.

Osbourne thought it sounded like a ‘virus’ and said that it said nothing about them as people. The lads also revealed that bosses had an issue with their title, due to the fact that there is a similarly named American pipe company, which of course would make it difficult if they ever wanted to take their music to The States.

On Monday it was revealed that they would be changing their moniker in advance of tomorrow night’s show.

They asked their fans and viewers of the ITV show to send in suggestions and while many of their existing supporters were annoyed that the boys would be moving away from GMD3, the X Factor team were inundated with suggestions.

The boys revealed on This Morning:

“The last week we have put it out to our fanbase and we gave an X Factor email address for them to put their suggestions forward and we’ve been through loads. There have been some that we really like and some have been complete jokes.”

However Louis Walsh let the cat out of the bag, revealing what name is looking most likely for tomorrow night.

He said:

“We kind of like this name District Three, District Three could be the new name.”

On why he had chosen that one, out of the hundreds of suggestions they received, he joked:

“Because it’s not registered!”

As he and Eamon Holmes giggled about the realities of the music industry, GMD3 (soon to be District 3) insisted that there was more behind the name change than pure legalities and said:

“Also, we’re from different parts of the country. Essex, Wales and Lincolshire.”

They added”

“Obviously because we all went to school together, it was handy that we were brought together, because the music that we do, people have said it’s rare to find that sort of blend. I guess we were really lucky to have found together.”

What do you think of District 3 as a name? Leave your comments below…

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