X Factor 2012: James Arthur is moving up after his sex ban – he’s too good for ugly girls now!

James Arthur has been with some munters in his time but that’s all about to change!

The X Factor finalist revealed yesterday that he’s been propositioned by glamour models and some extreme hotties since winning a place on the ITV show a few months ago and apparently his management have told him that he needs to up his standards as a result.

He says he has to stop getting off with ugly girls now he’s famous and he is planning to make the most of his new ladies man status.

James told The Sun:

“I’m told by my management that I need quality control.”

He is humble enough to know that a lot of the girls are attracted to his new fame and his celebrity status as much as they are to him, but he’s happy to take what’s coming and added:

“I know that I get attention from women who I would be punching above my weight with before.

“But if I bag a supermodel on the strength of my voice I’m not gonna complain.

“I’m under no illusion that I’m some kind of big shot or heart-throb but it’s nice to get female attention.”

James and his fellow contestants have been living in London’s plush Corinthia Hotel for the past two months and at the start of the series Lucy Spraggan and Rylan Clark got evicted after getting drunk and raucous.

Arthur has found his new home a bit restrictive and admitted he’s rather have stayed at a budget hotel, if it meant he could have brought some girls home and continued:

“It’s not really a good look for the hotel if I was bringing loads of birds back. It’s not really respectful.

“I would have preferred if they’d got us a Premier Inn and then my room would be full every night.”

James Arthur on The X Factor's Guilty Pleasures week

Some insiders have claimed that bosses slapped a sex ban on James and ordered him to stop playing around and stop womanising, until the series ends this weekend.

He insists that he is working hard and rehearsing a lot but just needs some down time now and then.

“I’m blowing off a bit of steam,” Arthur said.

“It’s stressful being on X Factor but I’m not neglecting my practice or anything. You just need a break.”

James will go head to head with Jahmene Douglas and Christopher Maloney on the X Factor final this weekend.

Are you backing James to win? What do you think of his womanising ways? Leave your comments below…

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