X Factor 2012: Joe McElderry on his stalker hell & Frankie Cocozza blasts “f***** up” show!

by Lynn Rowlands

Former X Factor stars Joe McElderry and Frankie Cocozza have been talking to the press this week, though for rather different reasons…

Starting with former winner Joe McElderry, he’s revealed to The Sun that his ordeal at the hands of a crazed stalker is finally over after the courts issued a five-year restraining order against crazed fan, Ennis McBride.

Joe revealed to the paper that obsessed McBride bombarded him with messages and letters and finally turned up at Joe’s home and spoke to his mother. The ordeal only ended after police were called and McBride was charged with harassment.

Joe explained, “It started when Ennis came to my house and asked to speak to me urgently…

“My best friend answered the door because I was in the bath and obviously said I wasn’t available.”

But McBride, who’s from Stockport, Greater Manchester, then went to Joe’s former home where he spoke to Joe’s mum Eileen Joyce and accused Joe of being a liar.

The singer added, “I was shaken and creeped out. Mum sounded very alarmed and distressed and told me to lock the doors.

“A few weeks later I was doing a show and he was there, in the front row. Obviously that spooked me but I just had to carry on performing.

“We called the police but while Mum gave a statement in the house we saw him outside, stood on the corner in the dark.

“It was creepy, it freaked me out. It isn’t pleasant knowing someone is doing that to you and your family.”

Well let’s hope it’s all over now!

Back now to what former finalist Frankie Cocozza has had to say, and while speaking to TV Biz, he’s blasted the X Factor and branded it, “f***** up.”

Frankie, who of course left the show after a cocaine scandal, was asked, “Why do you think people are turning off The X Factor?”

He replied, “It’s all about the contestants. The first live show we had, which was the first time Gary and Tulisa were on it, we had 14million viewers.

“What is it now, like seven million? The show’s f***** up. It’s made a s***load of money but they’ve f***** it.”

And on the subject of so called ‘novelty acts’ such as Rylan Clark, Frankie said, “People are fed up with it…

“Last year, if I was watching myself get through every week, I’d be like “How s*** is this?” I knew that when I was on there.

“Other contestants were putting on class performances. I’m pony and I’m the one going through.

“Look at this year, with Kye Sones. I’m sure he’s got thousands of fans and they’re not going to watch if they see Rylan, who’s pony — funny to watch but s*** — and poor Kye has got to go home.

“How old is Kye? 30? He might not get another chance. The novelty thing is b*******. It’s about time they stopped it.”

And finally, when asked, “Did you class yourself as a novelty act?” Frankie – whose new single Motorcycle is available on iTunes – said, “Yes. My performances were s***.

“I knew they were s***, I don’t blame people at all for comparing me to Rylan.

“I just wish I was allowed to sing what I wanted to sing. I didn’t want to sing Black Eyed Peas. Gary knew that…

“Producers made me sing those songs in order to get a negative reaction from the judges.”


What do you think of Frankie’s remarks? Has the show lost all credibility?

In the meantime, here’s the video that accompanies his new single…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.