X Factor 2012 Quarter Finals: Christopher Maloney hits back at death threats – comes back fighting

by Lisa McGarry

Christopher Maloney has spoken out about the death threats he has received earlier in the week.

The X Factor hopeful has been the victim of a barrage of online abuse in recent weeks, after Louis Walsh branded him a diva, Nicole Scherzinger called him cocky and Tulisa berated him for being cheesy.

Things came to a head on last Sunday’s show, when despite being one of the bookies’ favourites to leave he escaped being in the bottom two and watched on as James Arthur and Ella Henderson went head to head in the singoff.

The judges were divided, the show went to deadlock and Ella was sent home but not before the studio errupted in boos as Maloney was sent through to this week’s show.

Chris left Twitter for three days at the beginning of the week, after he received a number of death threats from viewers, with one hater writing:

‘I’ll hunt Maloney down and kill him.’

The Liverpudlian hit back at the comments, saying:

“It’s a singing competition, there is no need for death threats.

“It’s not nice for me or my family. My nan has been really upset by it all.”

Defending himself in the wake of Ella’s elimination he told heat:

“Someone has gone out of the show who was the favourite but that is because the public voted.”

The Mirror reported today that despite the judges hate, the death threats and the boos, Chris is still receiving the most public votes week after week.

The news was enough to make Simon Cowell plead with the British public to change their voting habits.

However, the revelations seem to have cheered the 34 year old up somewhat and when he returned to Twitter he was definitely more upbeat.

He tweeted this evening saying:

“I’m singing for u all tonight! Really hope u enjoy it. Promise I won’t let u down. Right back to rehearsals. Chat later xx”

He added:

“Nearly show time! Double whammy tonight, can’t wait to get out there and sing for u. Enjoy xx”

Are you looking forward to seeing Chris sing tonight? Do you think he can survive tomorrow and what do you think of the treatment he has been receiving? Leave your comments below…

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Lisa McGarry

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