X Factor 2012 Results: Tulisa & Nicole Scherzinger blast audience for putting James Arthur & Ella Henderson in bottom 2!

by Lisa McGarry

Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa Contostavlos got very feisty on tonight’s X Factor show.

The ladies kicked off big style when Dermot O’Leary revealed that their acts James Arthur and Ella Henderson were the two singers in the bottom two singoff this evening and they were forced to choose between the two fan favourites.

After the contestants performed their save me songs for the panel, in the hope that they would continue to next week’s quarter final, Tulisa blasted fans that are failing to vote for the most talented acts this year saying:

“This is exactly what I was talking about when people are voting for the wrong people!”

She added:

“These two people in front of me right now should be finalists. It is ridiculous! This is absolutely ridiculous and it’s because people at home are shocked but they are not voting for the person they want to save.

They are sitting back thinking they are safe and they are not.”

Tulisa of course chose to save Ella but she wasn’t happy about being put on the spot and said:

“My decision is obvious, the person who I am sending home is James, even though I love you to death and I should not have had to make that decision tonight at all.”

Nicole wasn’t any less upset and she ranted:

“No matter what happens today it will be a great tragedy for this show because you two are some of the most talented people ever to grace this stage.”

Addressing Ella, she added:

“You are meant for the stars my love, I have no worries about you but I am sorry I have to stick with my boy.”

After Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh cast their votes and the panel was still divided and undecided the show went to deadlock and Ella Henderson was voted off.

Do you agree with Nicole and Tulisa? What did you think of tonight’s result? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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