X Factor 2012 review: Gary Barlow gets tactical with James Arthur & Christopher Maloney, MK1 surprise and what were One Direction doing there?

Rylan Clarke - X Factor live show

This article was written by guest blogger and X Factor enthusiast Max King.


At the start of last night’s episode, I was disappointed that Dermot O’Leary didn’t get into the Gangnam Stlye dance a bit more, and thought it was weird to bring One Direction on, interview them then send them off without so much as a note sung.

First, the wildcard, Gary’s dark plan paid off. Dear readers do you really think if Gary had put Melanie as his wildcard she would have won? NO!!! So Gary put his strongest singer as the wildcard, knowing the public would vote for him so Gary got all four through. Gary, you’re a great tactician and strategist.

First act of the night, District 3, were alright. I didn’t recognise the song until the chorus, and I’m afraid they may face the curse of going first. They certainly weren’t the worst tonight but they weren’t that memorable and they will have the girly vote split by Union J.

Next up was James Arthur, I’ve not really been a fan of his, but tonight I was surprised, he gave a very good performance, and it’s clear he is a threat to win. Hence why Mr Barlow got the knives out straight away and attacked his credibility and integrity. It didn’t work last year Gary it won’t work this year either. James, if that blond quiff gets any bigger, Jedward will expect royalties.

Number three, Melanie, screeched her way through and looked as though she had just come from a Green Party conference. It’s nice she’s doing it for her kids and all but she shouldn’t be here.

Lucy was a nice surprise, her song didn’t fit the theme, but so what, it’s only Louis who abides by the rules. Why let a theme get in the way of a good performance, which is exactly what Lucy gave? Chico Time was written by someone else, for Chico, the point about Lucy was this is the first time an X factor contestant had written the song THEMSELVES. She has talent and I think she will go far.

MK1, the biggest surprise for me by far. Winners? No, but then neither were Cher Lloyd, Jedward, JLS or One Direction. The biggest success of a series is rarely the winner; if they continue as they started tonight they will be the big success of this year.

Christopher Maloney, Nicole put it best, strong vocal but it really looked like a performance from the early 2000s. He will be around until the late stages though for sure.

Union J, were awful, it’s not their fault; it was the song choice and the production. It’s really a shame as these boys have talent but it really went wrong tonight.

Jade, again I really like her, but her performance was just ok, nothing more, it didn’t stand out. It got lost next to all the campness of Rylan.

Speaking of Rylan, I love a fun act, Same Difference, Jedward, Wagner, they make the show, they keep it interesting, and give some comic relief inbetween all the singing. But I don’t like Rylan. For once I agree with Gary, it truly was terrible, but can see him surviving for a few weeks though.

Kye again was ok, strong performance, but to me didn’t really stand out. Watched the show with my Mum (who guessed Joe McElderry would win from his first performance) and she said he could win, I can’t see it personally, but he’s popular, and he could grow, so maybe…

Ella, was the vocal of the night, barring any major errors along the way, she probably booked her place in the semi final tonight. The comment about best voice since Leona is almost true in my opinion, not sure she beats Alexandra Burke yet, but she could very well do so.

Carolynne Poole is one I’m really not sure of, her performance was alright tonight. I think she’s probably the hottest girl in the competition, (God I sound like Harry Styles) and it was a unique twist, can’t see her going far if she sticks to country though.

Jahmene, bored me, it’s a controversial opinion, but it’s my opinion. I really don’t like the song, and I think there’s not much personality in him, maybe he’s shy, maybe he’s a robot, I’m not sure.

My hope for the bottom 2 : Melanie and Rylan

Who I think will be bottom 2 : Union J and Jade Ellis

What are your predictions? Leave your comments below…..

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