X Factor 2012: Simon Cowell considered sacking ‘boring’ ‘stiff’ Gary Barlow

Simon Cowell reportedly considered dumping Gary Barlow from the X Factor lineup, because he found the Take That star too boring.

The music mogul is said to have taken a lot of time in considering whether or not to invite the dad of three back to the judging table for the 2012 series of the ITV show, because he was worried that the singer songwriter wasn’t engaging or exciting enough to draw in large audience numbers.

It seems that after the singing show suffered in the ratings last year and was consistently beaten by BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing for the first time ever, Cowell placed a lot of the blame at Gary’s door.

Simon may have slept with former judge Dannii Minogue and lusted after Cheryl Cole and because of that, both got special treatment, but it seems he isn’t as close to all his staff members and insiders say he wasn’t a fan of last year’s series and of the new lineup in particular.

The 2011 run of The X Factor saw Barlow replacing Cowell, while the TV boss jetted off to America to front a US version of the reality TV show. Gary was joined by new judges Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland and old faithful Louis Wash.

In Tom Bower’s new biography of Cowell, titled ‘Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell’, it is claimed that Simon wasn’t confident that the new panel could manage without him, thought the latest batch of contestants were untalented and was worried when he realised that not even independent record companies were contacting him and asking to sign the new stars.

Tom reports that Simon thought the show was ‘boring’ and blamed much of that on Gary, because he chose the contestants along with his fellow judges.

He reportedly said:

‘This is the worst group of contestants there’s ever been. We need a complete change.’

‘I need someone who naturally understands production and the music business.’

However, thankfully for Take That fans, insiders say that Simon will give Gary a second chance and explaining his decision, the big headed star is said to have revealed:

‘At first Gary appeared to be a bit stiff. But he grew in confidence and stature.

‘I was nervous about the panel full stop at first – but I’ve re-signed them all.’

Lisa McGarry

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