X Factor 2012 spoilers: So apparently Christopher Maloney kicked off and called Carolynne Poole a ‘c*nt’

We reported earlier today that Christopher Maloney wouldn’t be at tonight’s X factor final and now it seems we know why.

The 34 year old finished in third place last night and was supposed to return to perform again on tonight’s finale as part of a group of former contestants.

However it was reported that he got into a bit of a row with some fellow singers and producers and stormed out of Manchester’s Central Arena, before heading home to Liverpool today.

Some members of the press were in the venue when it was all kicking off, and Daily Mirror Deputy TV Editor Mark Jefferies revealed that Chris reportedly got stuck into his fellow overs star Carolynne Poole, calling her a c*nt during an argument.

He wrote:

‘During rehearsals, @ChrisMaloney77 allegedly called the lovely @carolynnepoole a c***. That explains her tweet earlier…’

‘I’ve met @carolynnepoole loads of times and she wouldn’t hurt a fly so cant believe she warranted that kind of abuse.’

He added:

‘X Factor say it was @ChrisMaloney77 decision to leave, but my understanding is he was “not in the right state” to perform.

‘X Factor’s @ChrisMaloney77 has been kicked out of tonight’s group song. He was late for rehearsals and “smelt of alcohol”.’

Carolynne herself cryptically tweeted:

“X Factor can also create monsters it would seem!”

Daily Star Sunday’s REHAB showbiz columnist James Ingham also shed some light on the backstage drama, writing:

‘Chris Maloney turned up to rehearsal smelling of booze & called Carloynne Poole a c*nt. Which kick started his no show. #xfactor’

‘Chris Maloney also kicked off during rehearsal because he only had one line of the group song to sing. Another contributing factor #xfactor’

You can read more about Chris’ behaviour, including a statement from the X Factor team here.

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Lisa McGarry

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