X Factor 2012 week 6 review: Jahmene Douglas & James Arthur underwhelmed as Christopher Maloney & Union J shone!

by Lisa McGarry

Unreality tv fans it’s all up in the air tonight. I had my article planned out already. I’d crunched the numbers, done the math, looked at all scenarios and worked out how it would go. It was all so simple, the 3 safe acts Jahmene Douglas, Ella Henderson and James Arthur would all go through, Union J would benefit from District 3’s elimination, and Rylan Clark and Christopher Maloney would be in the bottom two and the judges would eliminate Chris.

But that’s all gone to pot…

At first all was going to plan, Union J gave their best performance of the series, I love ‘Call Me Maybe’, sorry Tulisa, and the boys did an excellent job of it. Their vocals have really improved week on week, when they beat Jade they were terrible, but tonight they were amazing, sure they will be safe.

Ella Henderson, was just Ella. There really is nothing more to say. Each week we get amazing performance after amazing performance. She took a song I really hate, and she made me love it, or her version at least. Why hasn’t Louis called it yet? Let me do it for him, Ella I want you in the final!

I thought James Arthur really lacked something tonight. Gary Barlow broke ranks and said he wanted James to win, but I thought the performance was really wet, there was just nothing there for me, the performances about pain etc, are much better.

Rylan, Rylan, Rylan 🙁 I hated him at first, then he won me over week after week, and then he became a favourite after some of my other faves left. But this week was dire, his psychic got it spot on, week seven he will be out. Does anyone have the name of his psychic by the way, I want to meet her!

Cheese Baloney aka Christopher Maloney, actually, wasn’t all that bad. It hurts me to say it because I’ve been so desperate for him to be chucked out, but based on tonight actually he’s in my top three. I still stand by the fact that it would be a disaster for him to win, but based on the performance tonight, he does deserve to be here next week in the quarter final.

Jahmene Douglas: I wasn’t feeling it this week. I really want him in the final. While Ella is better vocally, my heart has been with Jahmene because of his background. I can empathise with some of what he has been through. In saying that however, I can’t lie for him, and I just think something was missing, but please Britain, I want you to keep him in, and I’m sure you will.

My predictions, this week, I’m clueless. I know Rylan will be in the bottom two and to be honest I want him gone now. Who the other person will be I don’t know. James and Jahmene are popular, but gave bad performances in my opinion, Union J have been in the bottom 2 twice before, but really pulled it out of the bag this week and should see their votes double, and Chris who I’ve really disliked week on week actually gave a good performance, and for once doesn’t deserve to go (it would be ironic if he did).

So what do you think Unreality TV readers. Maybe Rylan’s psychic and I are wrong and he will be safe what do you think? Tell me below xx

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Lisa McGarry

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