X Factor 2013 final 12: Gary Barlow will use Take That experience with his ‘strong’ category

by Lisa McGarry

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Gary Barlow has admitted that while he was worried at first, he’s now happy to be working with the groups on The X Factor.

The dad of three revealed recently that he was less than impressed when he first found out he would be mentoring the bands on the ITV show, especially since a group has only won once over the series’ ten year history. However he feels much more positive about it all now.

“It’s been good and it does feel very new actually.

Speaking to STV at the X Factor press screening, the Take That frontman admitted:

“I must say, when I first was told I was getting the Groups, I was a little unsure. Then we did Bootcamp and I got time to really work with them and I think I’ve got a strong category this year.”

Now Gary’s glad he’s been working with the bands because he feels they are probably the acts he can teach most to, because of his experiences – both good and bad – with Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Robbie Williams and Jason Orange. He added:

take that

“I also feel that, possibly, this is the category I can bring my experience to, because I’ve been in a group for so long and it is a special skill you need to be a member of a group and I’m hoping to teach them that.”

“I have found with all the contestants, they have really wanted to learn, all of them. In the last two years I’ve been on this show they are all so desperate to learn, so desperate to get on in their careers that they love it. I wish when I was 17, 18, I had someone giving me all this advice, who had done it all.”

This weekend viewers will get a look inside bootcamp for the first time and as previously reported, things will be a bit different for the contestants.

There will be six chairs at the side of the stage and because the panel knew their categories before the final tryouts began, they decided as each audition took place whether the hopeful would be sent home or win a place in one of their seats. Those remaining in the chairs at the end were the acts through to judges houses.

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With the twists, the format changes and the addition of Sharon Osbourne to the panel Gary thinks the 2013 live shows will better and more entertaining than ever and admitted:

“It’s been good and it does feel very new actually. This is my third year on the show and it feels like there’s a really significant change this year.”

He continued:

“It’s in the attitude… I think it’s going to be a fun show, I think we’re going to have lots of laughs and although we are going to be in competition with each other, I think there’s going to be more entertainment.”

While Gary’s final six acts have not been confirmed yet bands such as Brick City, Rough Copy and Kingsland are favourites to take the coveted spots.

Earlier this month Gaz took his acts to New York and whittled them down to just three who will perform on the live shows next month.

Who do you think deserves a spot? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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