X Factor 2013: Gary Barlow is jealous of Louis Walsh & Sharon Osbourne’s bond! Nicole Scherzinger wants an artist (VIDEO)

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Sharon Osbourne made her big return to the X Factor yesterday and here we have the very first video of the new judging panel all together.

Dermot O’Leary interviewed the stars as they prepared to kick off auditions in Glasgow and Sharon admitted that she was glad to be back, having previously left the ITV show after the 2007 series. She gushed:

“I’ve missed you guys.”

It was still a little bit surprising to her that she was back in the hot seat and when Dermot asked if she’d ever expected to return she laughed:

“No, don’t be ridiculous.”

Louis Walsh never gave up hope though and confessed:

x factor judges 2013

“Sometimes I thought there was a chance but I’m just glad she’s back.”

However Gary Barlow wasn’t elated to see the old pals reunited and he teased that their friendship was causing a ‘divide’ in the panel on the first day. He insisted that Louis swap seats with him and joked:

“Already there’s a division here. I think we should swap Louis.”

It was claimed yesterday that the judges met for dinner on Monday night and agreed to have less fighting and more fun on the 2013 run. However when Dermot asked yesterday if there would be arguments, Walsh said:

x factor judges 2013

“In a good way, we all look for different things and it’s not all about the voice.”

Sharon added:

“You can have the best voice in the world but the oldest saying is they’ve got the perfect face for radio. You’ve got to have the personality.”

Nicole got two artists to the final last year and she knows what she’s looking for from this year’s hopefuls.

“We are not looking for people who want to be artists,” she said. “We are looking for people who are artists already.”

The audition process changed this year and instead of seeing people perform with a full backing track, in an arena, yesterday the judges auditioned hopefuls in a small hotel room, where they sang acapella. Gary is a fan of the new format and thinks it’s a more more ‘real’ way of conducting the tryouts.

“I think it’s fascinating and I think it’s real because that’s the way real auditions take place,” he said.

Watch the video and leave your comments below….

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