X Factor 2013: Gary Barlow reveals Take That are coming back in 2014 – Mark Owen says they’ll never split!

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Mark Owen has insisted that Take That are back for good. Hooray!

The band split for almost a decade and reformed in 2005, only to enjoy as much, if not more success than they had the first time round. The singers aren’t keen to give it all up again any time soon and the Clementine hitmaker has revealed that as far as he’s concerned, Take That will never really be over.

The 42 year old is a dad of three and pursuing his own solo career currently, but he will always have time for his closest pals and insisted this week that the 2011 Progress Live tour and their forthcoming seventh album will not be their last.

Speaking on Magic 105.4 FM, he said: ”When we finished the Progress tour we all met up after we finished the last gig and everybody left that room going ‘We’ve got to do this again, we’ve had such a great time’ and I think that’s still the mentality behind it all… Everybody’s still up for doing more.”

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Mark is joined in the band by X Factor judge Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and sometimes Robbie Williams and just tonight, Gary has confirmed that they will be making a comeback in 2014.

A Twitter user asked the ‘Open Road’ singer:

“@GaryBarlow is Take That coming back next year? I need to start saving for my trip ✈”

Gaz replied:


Another fan asked:

“@GaryBarlow are we going to see Take That in Denmark in 2015? 11”

Gary said:

“*oh yeh*”

howard donald robbie williams

First of all Gary needs to wrap up the new X Factor series, after he started seeing auditionees this month with fellow judges Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger.

While Gary is busy with the mighty X, Mark is promoting his new album and Jason is…..well who knows where Jason is? Howard Donald is carving out his own TV career on the German version of Got To Dance.

He’s throwing himself into the role totally and is even speaking in German on the show. Donald’s been brushing up on his linguistic skills and tweeted this week saying:

“got my German teacher coming from cologne today. #headinabookday”

What do you think of all that Take That fans? Leave your comments below….

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