X Factor 2013: Judges have a problem with the groups after Code 4, Xyra & Brick City audition!

by Lisa McGarry

code 4 x factor

The X Factor judges realise they have a bit of a problem on their hands tonight when they preside over the last of the arena auditions in London.

Many of the young boys melt down on stage, leaving the male category as one of the weakest in the competition but on the flip side, there are so many talented groups that Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t know how they are going to choose between them all.

First to impress the panel are Code 4, consisting of Mark, 24, Jordan, 17, Ryan, 21 and Jermaine, 25. They perform Like I Love You by Justin Timberlake and explain their name to the panel saying:

“We are Code 4, it’s from the urban dictionary and it’s slang for what you say if a hot girl walks into the room.”

code 4

There are backflips, there is mic throwing and there is plenty of crotch grabbing and as the girls in the audience deafeningly scream at the lads, Nicole teases them saying:

“I like you I just don’t know if the girls like you.”

Next to the stage is girl group Xyra, consisting of Laura, Amy, Nadina, Beth and Sasha. The ladies are all aged between 17-23 work in promotions in London. They perform Earthquake by Labrinth and afterwards Gary Barlow says:

“You are a bit of a breath of fresh air, I must say. Girls well done.”


Lastly is Brick City, who we last saw a few weeks ago at the closed room rounds. Yasmin, 23, James, 24, Duane. 28 and Anton, 27, from London perform No More Drama by Mary J Blige and Barlow raves about them again saying:

“Out of all the bands we have seen so far, vocally you are definitely the tightest.”

Nicole asks:

brick city

“What are we going to do? How are we going to get the groups down?”

We don’t know, but we do think that Gary is going to have quite the category when live shows begin next month!

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Lisa McGarry

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