X Factor 2013: Lonely Nicole Scherzinger’s missing Lewis Hamilton! She says of UK “I don’t have anyone here”

nicole scherzinger crying

We reported recently that F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is keen to reunite with X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger – with whom he’d been in a relationship for five years prior to their split earlier this month – and it seems she could well be up for it, given that she’s feeling lonely.

The couple reportedly agreed to a parting of the ways after their individual work commitments meant that they spent barely any time together, and with Lewis travelling the globe for F1 races, and Nicole splitting her time between the UK and America, things didn’t show any signs of improving in the near future.

But as mentioned, Nicole is apparently feeling lonesome, and she told The Sun’s TV Biz, “I don’t have anyone here, I don’t have my family, I don’t even have any friends here.

“My publicist is my closest friend.

lewis_hamilton_nicole_scherzinger“It gets lonely but I’m working all the time.

“You just make those sacrifices and they made me feel so at home last year. It is hard but you always make those sacrifices and it’s worth it.”

Last year, Nicole told the paper that she’d been relying on Lewis and his family for “companionship” when she first moved to Britain last year.

But she added, “I wouldn’t wish a long-distance relationship on anyone.

“I just don’t take days off. I have to be working so I’m grateful for that.

“If I’m not doing X Factor I put myself in the studio. I also love good food, so I’m getting to explore lots of different restaurants here.

“I take my publicist and my assistant as my dates, literally.”

She also revealed that she’d planned to put down some roots in the UK, remarking, “I’m going flat-hunting soon. I want to get a proper place.

“Last time I had an apartment in a hotel and I want to get a place with windows.”

Aww, well let’s hope she and Lewis can work something out soon eh?!

For now, here’s a reminder of them in happier times…

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