X Factor 2013: Louis Walsh blasts The Voice judges!


Louis Walsh has hit out at the judging panel on this year’s The Voice Of Ireland series, or half of them at least.

The Corrs musician Sharon Corr, Westlife member Kian Egan, British singer Jamelia and The Blizzards’s lead vocalist/guitarist Bressie all judge on the RTE series and Louis thinks that two of the four stars are undeserving of their seats.

In a new interview the long serving X Factor star and Westlife boss revealed that he is – unsurprisingly – backing his boy Kian Egan but thinks that Bressie is nothing but a ‘pretty face’ while he wants Irish singer Samantha Mumba to take Jamelia’s place.

Walsh confessed that he has never even watched the show which airs in his home country, however he has strong opinions on it’s lineup and has taken Kian’s side in his recent war of words with Niall Breslin, claiming that he is no use as a coach as he has never had a bit record.

“Bressie, I mean, he’s never sold a record. How can he judge anybody? If he’s just there for his looks, he should be on Ireland’s Next Top Model,” he told The Herald.

Walsh isn’t a fan of Jamelia either and continued:

The Voice Blind Auditions JAmelia, Kian Egan, Bressie and Saron Corr

“I have never heard of her: they should have got Samantha Mumba.”

“I haven’t seen it at all, but I hear Kian is stealing the show. There are four judges on the show and two of them have been in successful bands – Kian and Sharon. I think they’re really good.”

The four coaches recently performed together for the first time and Jamelia wasn’t as sure of Kian’s talents as Louis clearly is. In fact she revealed that she was shocked when she discovered he could actually sing and told The Irish Sun:

And Jamelia got a shock when she took to the stage with Kian, Bressie and Sharon Corr to prepare for their first group performance as coaches.


“I was a bit nervous to be honest, I was up there going, ‘God, I’m singing with Kian from Westlife.

“I thought Kian probably wasn’t going to be able to sing all that well, just because of all the stuff Bressie said during the auditions about sitting on stools and things with Westlife.

“But he has got a really good voice — Kian can sing.”

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