X Factor 2013: Louis Walsh thinks Sharon Osbourne will ‘bring the madness’ out in Gary Barlow but she just gives him cramps!

x factor judges 2013

Louis Walsh thinks Sharon Osbourne will bring the crazy back to the X Factor this year.

The mum of three left the ITV show after the 2007 series and a feud with Dannii Minogue, however it was confirmed last month that she would be returning to replace Tulisa Contostavlos on the panel for the 2013 run.

Yesterday Sharon joined Louis, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger in Glasgow as the auditions kicked off and no one was happier than her old Irish pal. He told The Sun that he was delighted to have her back and gushed:

“Sharon brings the madness out in everybody. She’s going to bring out the madness in Gary too.”

Gary must have been feeling worried, because just moments before Dermot O’Leary had warned him that the reality TV matriarch always brings ‘anarchy’ in her wake.

x factor judges 2013

Barlow confessed that Shaz’s addition to the panel, changed the dynamic a lot, because both she and Louis will be looking from a manager’s perspective now. He said:

“It’s very interesting this time because there are two artists and two managers.

“That is a great panel right there because managers see different things than artists see.
“When I’m looking at someone I’m comparing them to what I am and what I do — but managers don’t. They have a bigger overview.”

The four stars auditioned wannabes all day in the Scottish city and after sitting through scores of performances in a small hotel room, as part of the back to basics approach, they sorted through the first 50 hopefuls to just a handful who will perform again in a larger venue, with a live audience.

Gary Barlow still seems to be holding the balance of power on the panel and Shaz is happy not to have all the responsibility. She doesn’t want to be head judge and claimed:

“I shouldn’t be head judge — I laugh too much and I’m not serious enough. I’m the nan of the panel.

x factor judges

“It’s overwhelming. Honestly it is. It feels natural, it feels like I should be here.”

Hopefully this year will be more fun and less fraught than last and already it seems like the mood is lighter. Gary tweeted last night, telling his fans of the fun he had and writing:

“Thank you Glasgow for an ‘interesting’ audition day #xfactor”

“Actually had stomach cramps from laughing so much ! Thanks @MrsSOsbourne”

Watch the video and tell us what you think of it all in the comments section below….

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