X Factor EXCLUSIVE: Luke Friend confirms he HAS been talking to record labels & life has been CRAZY since The X Factor ended

by Nick Barnes
luke friend, louis walsh, nicholas mcdonald 2

luke friend, louis walsh, nicholas mcdonald 2

I recently caught up with Luke Friend to see what he has been up to since The X Factor came to an end last month, and it seems he has been really busy.

Whilst on the phone with Luke, he even got mobbed by a load of fans, so that tells you how much his fans love him. However, he has dismissed the rumour that he’s not been offered any sort of record deal…

It had been reported in the press last month that some of the finalists have been offered record labels with different divisons of Sony Music, but one particular newspaper said that Luke Friend had been snubbed and nobody was as eager to sign him up.

However, when I spoke to Luke this week, he did confirm that those reports are the furthest they can be from the truth.

He said: “The only time that it has really been quiet was when everyone was off and that was just natural. Over the new year, nobody really does anything. I think with me, there’s the record labels within Sony Music talking to each other. Everything is up in the air with the record labels at the moment as they’re talking and deciding who I should go with”.

luke friend

Life following on from The X Factor has still be as hectic according to Luke, and he even got mobbed by a group of fans whilst I was speaking to him on the phone.

He explained: “Well, it feels like it hasn’t even ended yet because of the tour and everything, but yeah, everything has been a little bit crazy. I’ve been doing gigs and everything and it’s absolutely mental sometimes. I’m just amazed with all the support I’ve had and I just can’t believe that after the show, life is still crazy.

“There’s been loads of stuff going on like talking to different record people and management. Everything, because it’s so early in the year, is still up in the air. But there’s been stuff in the papers with people saying that nobody is going to give me a record deal, which is strange, but it isn’t true”.

So, there you have it, straight from the horses mouth. As we know more about record labels and that side of things regarding Luke, we’ll certainly let you all know.

Nick Barnes

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  1. maggie on January 10, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    yaaa delighted to hear this!!!he is so talented

  2. Vincent on January 10, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    Yes!! SO proud of Luke Friend. He is such a young, up-and-coming artist and I believe that he’ll sell loads of singles & records. Leggo’, Mr. Superstar! 🙂

  3. jules on January 13, 2014 at 9:58 am

    here;s an interview with Luke from the weekend

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