X Factor 2013: Niall Horan & Sam Callahan take note! Tamera Foster has ended “volatile” romance with Joshante Amihyia!

by Lynn Rowlands

tamera foster

During her time on X Factor, there were of course many headlines about finalist Tamera Foster, and a good deal of them related to her love life and her on-off romance with entrepreneur, Joshante Amihyia.

However, Tamera was also romantically linked to One Direction star Niall Horan and her fellow former finalist, Sam Callahan…

But she denied that she was dating either of the lads, and while Sam backed that assertion, Niall made no public comment and is thought to be dating Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin.

However, of Tamera’s current relationship status, the Daily Star Sunday reports that Joshante has rather much let that cat out of its bag by changing his Facebook relationship status to ‘single’.

A source close the now apparently former couple told the Mirror, “Their relationship is volatile and they don’t seem to be able to make it work at the moment.

“For Tamera her priority is The X Factor and that has been tough for Joshante to cope with.

“She is getting lots of attention from other admirers, including some guys within X Factor who fancy her.”

niall horan tamera foster

However, just a fortnight ago, Tamera said, “I already have a boyfriend. He’s lovely and very supportive.

“He was here on Saturday to watch the show as well. It’s at the early stages of the relationship.”

She continued, “The most ridiculous rumour I’ve heard about myself is that Sam Callahan and I are an item.

“It’s ridiculous because Sam is more like my brother – which makes it actually a bit disgusting.”

tamera foster nicholas mcdonald x factor

However, she added, “We just joke about it now. We have a laugh about it – neither of us have taken it too seriously.”

Meanwhile, Sam told us, “Me and Tamera are just really, really good mates.

“In the house there are going to be people you’re closer to than others, and Tamera and Nicholas McDonald are my closest mates in the house.

“I can see why everybody thinks there’s something going on because me and Tamera are close, but no, there definitely isn’t.”

He added, “Apparently the bookies are taking bets on us getting married next year, which we were absolutely creasing about when we read that.”

Here’s a reminder of Tamera’s time on X Factor…

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