X Factor 2013: Nicole Scherzinger raves about ‘Pussycat Doll’ Shelley Smith after ‘Feeling Good’ (VIDEO)

by Lisa McGarry

shelley clarke x factor

Shelley Smith made her big return to The X Factor tonight, after wowing viewers yesterday with her Natural Woman performance.

The white van driver impressed the judges with her powerhouse vocals and speaking about her closed room tryout she admitted:

My first audition was just amazing. Four yeses for me was huge, that’s what I wanted, I’d dreamt about. I am going to work really hard to get my place on the show.

I’m a single mummy, I live with my little girl Madeline who’s 7, we put on shows every day. If it’s not her singing, it’s me singing, we have so much fun together.

I don’t want to be singing in my van and I want much bigger and I know I can do it.

shelley smith x factor

Tonight, in London’s Wembley Arena Shelley performed Michael Buble’s ‘Feeling Good’ and after a standing ovation from the panel and the audience, the judges raved saying:

Nicole: Shelley, now that’s a Pussycat Doll if I ever saw one. That song was perfect for you, because this is a new dawn and a new day for you my love.

Sharon: Oh Shelley, you are so sassy. Have you got a date tonight? You should be going out tonight and celebrating. Fabulous performance.

x factor judges 2013

Louis: Shelley you got everyone in the arena on their feet. You’ve got the talent and you’re not just a singer, you performed every bit of the song.

Gary: Shelley for some people coming out here and doing this is a lot of effort, it’s effortless for you. You just throw the vocals out there, the place is on their feet, exactly as it should be. Well done.

Shelley got four yeses and won herself a spot in the next bootcamp round. Did you enjoy her performance? Leave your comments below…

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