X Factor 2013: Perrie Edwards blasts The Daisy Chains & invites Hannah Sheares to join Little Mix!

by Lisa McGarry


The Little Mix girlies are clearly still X Factor fans and one act on last week’s programme really riled them up.

The girls won the 2011 series of the ITV show and have kept up to date with what’s been going on in the competition ever since.

Last weekend they were moved by the plight of Hannah Sheares, who was in tears in her closed room audition as Gary Barlow asked if she would leave her girl group ‘The Daisy Chains’ and go onto the arena round as a solo singer.

Hannah asked her two bandmates if they would mind her going it alone but sobbed as her supposed best friends insisted they wouldn’t stand by her if she left them behind.

'The X Factor' Auditions, Glasgow. - 04 Jun 2013

Jesy Nelson was the first to blast the girls in an interview with ITN and slammed them saying:

“They clearly were not her friends.”

Perrie Edwards was really incensed about it all and added:

“That really annoyed me and it was really horrible when you saw her in the room and she was going ‘Well you are supposed to be my best friends and you’re saying I’m going to lose you if I don’t do this.’ How awful would it be if you went ‘If you do this and you achieve your dreams and you do really well in life, I’m not going to be your friend!’?”

She continued her rant saying:

hannah sheares

“How twisted is that? They didn’t seem like the kind of girls that feel guilty. They were like ‘ha ha, if we’re not doing it, you’re not either.’ I think that’s awful.”

The interviewer asked Perrie and the girls if they’d consider letting Sheares join Little Mix and Edwards laughed:

“She can, I really like her, she’s gorgeous.”

Hannah was last seen performing for the judges in London’s Wembley Arena, where she admitted that she hasn’t spoken to her former bandmates since the day of her first tryout.

The judges loved her solo vocal and put her through to bootcamp, with Gary Barlow saying:

hannah sheares 1

“You are so much better on your own. It wasn’t perfect but you need to get the confidence to move forward.”

Nicole Scherzinger added: “You made the right decision and this is where you’re supposed to be right now.”

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Lisa McGarry

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