X Factor 2013: Sam Callahan posed for sexy gay photoshoot!

by Lisa McGarry

sam callahan

Sam Callahan was featured on the last two X Factor shows but it seems the 19 year old isn’t just going to hit the headlines for his great singing voice.

The handsome singer failed to win Gary Barlow over when he first performed at the closed room auditions but tonight he won high praise from the Take That star as he returned to the show for the arena rounds.

Sam is sure to be a hit with the girls due to his floppy blonde hair and chiselled cheekbones but it seems he could have quite the male following too, after he took part in a rather saucy photoshoot for a gay magazine recently.

Callahan looked pretty smoking when he posed for The Gay UK earlier this year, standing directly in front of the camera, with just a British flag wrapped around his waist to protect his modesty.

Sam, who claims to be straight, described his perfect date in an interview with the publication and said:

“One with someone who is not awkward to be around and who you have good chemistry and banter with. Who you can take to meet the family but has enough about them to be able to let their hair down when the time is right.”

sam callahan 1

Callahan was taking part in the shoot as a means of promoting his new single ‘Crazy’ that he released in July, after he teamed up with former McFly boss John McLaughlin and pushed ahead with a solo music career.

Sam had previously worked with Geri Halliwell and the Spice Girls’ management as he was hand picked for a new band they were putting together, but earlier this year he decided to go it alone and it’s been reported that he was asked to audition for The X Factor this year by producers on the team.

'The X Factor' Auditions, Glasgow. - 04 Jun 2013

Tonight Louis Walsh certainly seemed taken with his looks and his performance and before Sam was awarded a place in bootcamp, the Irish star gushed:

“I love your swagger, your image, your attitude, the girls love you!”

Do you think he’s good enough for the final 12? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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  1. Dave on September 23, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    Why was his Wembly performance a studio recording and not a live petformance, do they think we are stupid, miming already? As Gary said he is actually a weak singer !

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