X Factor 2013: Sharon Osbourne demands divorce from Ozzy as he continues his drink & drug abuse; she tells him “I f**king hate you!”

by Nick Barnes


It looks like Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s 32 year marriage could be going down the pan sooner, rather than later.

Last year, Sharon and Ozzy split temporarily, however Sharon ended up running back to him after he said he was “hurting” and that he needed “help”. This time, after finding messages to drug dealers on Ozzy’s phone along with a “pyramid of pills” in the bathroom, Sharon is said to be kicking the heel in.

60-year-old Sharon writes in her new autobiography, according to The Sun that it is “one of the worst periods in our turbulent marriage”.

It has been reported that Sharon is now demanding a divorce from Ozzy due to his behaviour and mainly due to him being back on the boozy wagon.

She screamed at him: “I f**king hate you! You’re a f**king pensioner. You need a bus pass” as he told her he wanted to live the bachelor life again.

Sharon and Ozzy’s marriage really started to break down last July in which Sharon told him she wanted a divorce and the pair split.

In Sharon’s forthcoming new autobiography, Unbreakable, she writes: “I would never have imagined our anniversary would be the beginning of one of the worst periods in our turbulent marriage.

sharon osbourne, pearl

“I’d like to tell you he got me a vast bouquet of flowers and took me for a candlelit supper.

“But I’m married to Ozzy Osbourne, whose capacity for f**king up is legendary.

“So suffice to say that it was one of the most anti-climactic, frustrating, distressing days of my life. And given what I have been through, that’s saying something.”

At the time, Sharon was working on America’s Got Talent and she was waiting for Ozzy to fly out and meet her in New York, in which he would also stay in her hotel in the city.

After waiting for him to pop a few sleeping pills, Sharon checked his phone to find “texts going back months, asking people for drugs and saying, ‘Don’t tell the old girl’.

“It was all there again. Everything I knew I’d find but desperately hoped I wouldn’t. My husband was abusing again”.

louis walsh sharon osbourne

She also goes on to say how she found pills all over the bathroom, “prescribed from every f**king doctor in Denmark, Norway, France, Italy, Germany… bags and bags”.

According to the tabloid, the drugs included Ritalin which apparently has similarities to cocaine. There were also sleeping pills, Valium and speed.

Ozzy has also been back on the drinking wagon in which Sharon sold all his cars within 24 hours after he told her he had been on one of the most exensive drinking rampages ever!

But, it looks like Sharon is ready to call it a day.

Nick Barnes

Nick is the Assistant Editor at Unreality TV, along with being a full-time Beyoncé obsessor! Email him at nick@unrealitytv.co.uk or catch him on Twitter @ImNickBarnes


  1. Tahaweh Minwah on September 29, 2013 at 11:00 am

    I hope Sharon finds the strength to do this. Ozzy will never change, but maybe, maybe he might if she leaves him for good. Then he has to find the strength to get over his problems to get her back. Or maybe not, but I think the whole family are suffering because of his

  2. lizzie grattidge on September 29, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    ozzy n sharon will never truely divorce. look hiw much she has already been through he nearly killed her yet she took him back also dont forget the diagnosis of jacks illness and the tragic loss of jacks second baby you never know what is going on in ozzys head. i hope they work together and get the help they both need

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