X Factor 2013: Sharon Osbourne rang Robbie Williams and said, “Are you naked, Daddy?!” And Robbie & Gary Barlow have tracks on each other’s CDS!

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Fans of The X Factor will no doubt know that singer Robbie Williams helped judge Sharon Osbourne decide which of her Overs category singers to take through to this year’s live shows during her Judges’ Houses round in Los Angeles…

However, in what’s best described as an Oh Christ It’s #Awks moment, Robbie has revealed that the first time he ever spoke to Mrs O, she asked him if he was naked!

But apparently, she thought she was speaking to her hubby Ozzy, given that she telephoned what she believed was his hotel room, only to find there had been an error and Ozzy was in the room next door.

Speaking to TV Biz, Take That star Robbie explained, “Ozzy was staying in the next room and she phoned me by mistake and asked if I was naked.

“I picked it up, and she went, ‘Are you naked, Daddy?’

“I went, ‘Sharon — Ozzy’s next door’. That was the very first time we ‘met’.”

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How pleased Sharon and Ozzy will be to learn that Robbie relayed that story to a national newspaper…

However, the same newspaper has revealed today that in the spirit of keep it in the family, Robbie and his Take That band mate – and of course X Factor judge – Gary Barlow each have a track on the other’s new album.

Gary said, “I’ve got a song on his record, and he’s got one on mine.

“We did Requiem for mine and then we did Wedding Bells for Robbie’s Swings Both Ways.

“It’s a cheeky swing, big-band song.”

He added, “We love making music but we’re competitive too.”

robbie wiliams, gary barlow

However, Robbie has a head start on sales as his album is released on November 18, which is a full week before Gary’s.

Here’s a reminder of Gary and Robbie at Judges’ Houses in 2011…

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  1. shaun on October 21, 2013 at 11:03 am

    lol even without the publicity robbies still more favoured than barlow xD barlow just because the new cowell in the hopes of getting some attention, when more people are focused on his tax avoidance helping this country stay poorer due to his good friend david cameron, sickening.

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