X Factor 2013: Sharon Osbourne’s return is costing bosses £2.3million!

sharon osbourne

Though it was initially reported that the return of X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne was set to cost the show’s bosses around £1.5million, it’s been revealed today that that figure is nearer £2.5million when her £1million expenses bill is taken into account.

Apparently, when negotiating her return to the show – Sharon has of course replaced Tulisa – Mrs O told Simon Cowell that she would require £225,000 for travel to and from the States, and an allowance of £300,000 for outfits.

The Daily Star Sunday adds, “She is getting another £112,000 as pocket money for day-to-day costs, with a further £50,000 during the live shows. Sharon was also given a room at the five-star Claridge’s hotel when auditions moved to London last week. Rooms there can cost from £300 a night.”

And it seems though the show’s producers originally hoped Sharon’s expenses wouldn’t be more than £300,000, they are “already double that,” and it seems she may well demand that the they fork out more to bring members of her family over from America at some point too.

Last night, an X Factor insider said, “Having Sharon back hasn’t exactly been cheap…

“Sharon knows she’s got the upper hand.”

sharon osbourne x factor

However, rather much missing the point about her other expenses, the insider added, “She was asking for cans of Sprite and chocolate chip cookies within minutes of arriving.”

Yeah ‘cos that’d break Simon’s bank wouldn’t it? Damn man, these divas…

Anyway, an industry expert reckons that Simon won’t regret the expense.

The TV source said, “Sharon will be worth every penny. Viewers loved her on the show years ago and there’s no doubt she’ll be telly gold again.

“If anyone is going to get the ratings up it’s her.”

Personally, I agree – I think she’s worth every penny! What say you?

Here’s a reminder of her on the show previously…

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