X Factor 2013: Sinitta spills the beans on Simon Cowell’s parenting skills & Amanda Holden thinks he will marry Lauren Silverman

by Lisa McGarry

Mezhgan Hussainy, Simon Cowell, Sinitta

Sinitta has revealed that Simon Cowell may not be the best person to discipline his new child when it’s born.

The former pop star dated the music mogul for two decades and he spends plenty of time with her two children when he’s in the UK. Simon is currently expecting his first child with New York socialite Lauren Silverman and Sinitta told The Daily Star that Cowell prefers to have fun with children than lay down the ground rules.

She laughed:

“I’m trying to promote eating nicely, speaking nicely, and he’s giving them toys to come and bang in the bedroom when I’m trying to sleep.”

Her daughter, Magdalena revealed that her mum is always trying to force Simon to be more healthy and said:

“Mummy tried to make him thin, but he didn’t want to do it. He wanted to be naughty instead.”

sinitta, simon cowell

Sinitta will spill even more secrets about the X Factor star on ITV’s Big Star’s Little Star tonight at 8pm.

Meanwhile, one of the other women in Simon’s life has revealed that she thinks marriage is on the cards for the star.

Amanda Holden thinks he’ll tie the knot with Lauren and told The Daily Star:

“I think he will because I never thought he’d have a baby and he is doing.

“So now, yes, I’m sure he’ll do both.”

“I don’t think he’s prepared for how much he’ll love it”

The mum of two added:

“He is so good with kids. Everyone thinks he’s the Child Catcher but when the baby’s born, it will be the love of his life.

“I don’t think he’s prepared for how much he’ll love it.”

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