X Factor 2013: It’s split time for Silver Rock’s Tamera Foster & Jerrie Bafundila (VIDEO)

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Girl group Silver Rock were the first band ever to be split on the X Factor and still remain happy about the fact.

The judges very often pull apart groups and bands that audition, but normally because they take an instant like or dislike to one of it’s members over the others. However, tonight the panel asked Tamera Foster and Jerrie Bafundila, who made up girl group Silver Rock to split and continue in the competition as solo singers and they certainly weren’t complaining.

It all started when Jerrie, 22 and Tamera 16 admitted that they had only been singing together for a week and Bafundila said:

‘Tamera posted a clip of her singing and I asked ‘do you want to audition for the X Factor?’’

The girls performed End Of Time by Beyonce but the judges weren’t digging it and Gary Barlow commented:

“It’s an interesting one this, because you have nice voices but I’m a little bit confused as to why you’re actually standing together to be honest. With duos there has to be a relationship and this doesn’t work for me.”

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Nicole Scherzinger wondered if they would work better as a trio and continued:

“When I look at you girls I was thinking ‘Oh they just remind me of a little Destiny’s Child if they just had somebody else.'”

Louis Walsh asked the girls to sing alone and give the panel a feel for their individual voices, so Jerrie sang Listen by Beyonce and Tamera belted our Fallin by Alicia Keys.

After deliberating for a while, Gary gave the girls another option. The Take That star said:

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“This is where we’re at, this doesn’t work as a duo but you’re both very good individually. So what we’re going to offer you here is, and you can think about this, you can go away from here today with four yeses as soloists – so you’d be performing at Wembley as solo artists.”

The ladies accepted quickly and will now be competing against one another at Wembley Arena in the next round of auditions.

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    Tamera has to be a winner from start to finish

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