X Factor EXCLUSIVE: Tamera Foster reveals what’s going on with her and Sam Callahan & she can’t wait for the tour

by Nick Barnes
tamera foster Sam Callahan x factor

tamera foster Sam Callahan x factor

Earlier this week, I had the absolutely amazing chance to catch up with Tamera Foster and we had a little natter about The X Factor, what’s next and most importantly, what the hell is going on with her and Sam Callahan.

Before Christmas, it was reported that the relationship was well and truly off, but then it was reported that it was on again. We got dizzy running around in circles, so I had to bring the topic up yesterday.

Tamera confirmed that her and Sam was well and truly ON and there’s not going to be any change in that either.

Of course, Sam was caught out before Christmas as it was revealed he’d been sending rudey nudey texts to a model. When she story hit the headlines, Sam was in a hotel with Tamera at the time and she was apparently as cool as a cucumber with it.

When I asked what’s going on with her and Sam, Tamera told me: “Yeah, he’s my boyfriend… it’s still quite early on in the relationship at the moment”.

I also got a quick insight into what Tamera and Sam like to get up to on a typical day off as she revealed that the pair were at the Zoo.

tamera foster sam callahan

One big event that is coming up for Tamera over the next couple of months is of course, The X Factor tour. The tour goes up and down the country to some of the biggest arenas in the UK. Tamera said that she is SO excited for the tour and she can’t wait for it to kick off.

She said: “I literally can’t wait to do the tour, to be able to perform in front of a massive crowd. We all went back on [The X Factor] on the final to do a group performance to finish the whole thing off, and that was absolutely amazing. We got to stand in the crowd before the performance started and that got us going a little bit more”.

Not only that, Tamera has a very special gig lined up next week as she will be performing at the NBA game at the o2 arena.

Speaking about what life post-X Factor has been like, Tamera added: “It has been really good. We just have a circle of gigs we do around the country which has been really fun, and just now I’m starting to do more gigging this month. I’m actually doing the NBA game at the o2 arena next week, which should be really fun and then we have the tour coming up which is so exciting. It’s going to be a great experience that I never thought I would be doing this year, so that’s kind of amazing”.

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