X Factor 2013: Watch out for vomit inducing Green Boots on tonight’s audition show!

by Lisa McGarry

'The X Factor' Auditions, Glasgow. - 04 Jun 2013

On the X Factor tonight is one of the most sickening acts we think we’ve ever seen on the ITV show.

Green Boots consists of Dean, 18 and Patricia, 20, both from Ireland and very much in love. They have been together for a year and a half and are both students and for their ITV audition this year they sang that Disney classic – made even more cringeworthy by Katie Price and Peter Andre – A Whole New World from Aladdin.

Before crooning and in between planting lots of butterfly kisses over her boyfriend’s face, Patricia told Dermot O’Leary:

“When I first saw Dean I was awestruck. I believe that he is my prince.”

Luckily for her Dean seems to be just as smitten, and he gushed:

“When I first saw Patricia I couldn’t believe there was someone like that in the world. Patricia is my princess.

We don’t sing love songs, we sing songs in love. To win the X Factor would show that love does exist in fairytales.”

'The X Factor' Auditions, Glasgow. - 04 Jun 2013

After making Dermot feel like at best a gooseberry, at worst a peeping Tom, the couple finally made their way to see the judges, with Pat bigging up her man’s singing and telling Sharon Osbourne:

“It melts me, like chocolate in a microwave.”

High praise indeed! It wasn’t deserved. The only good thing we could say about Patricia’s singing voice is that it wasn’t as bad as Deans.

Afterwards Nicole Scherzinger said:

“I love that you guys have a connection and it’s very honest and real but I don’t know if this show is right for you.”

gary barlow grumpy

Gary Barlow added:

“It’s clear with your love you are on another planet and I think your brains are on another planet also, because your singing is really bad.”

We hope to never be forced to watch Green Boots again….ever!

Green Boots got four nos in the end and failed to win themselves a place in the arena round. Did you enjoy their performance tonight? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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