X Factor 2013: What’s the winner’s single we hear you ask…Is this Sam Bailey’s?

by Lisa McGarry

sam bailey luke friend nicholas mcdonald


So by now we normally have a bit of an idea, a hint or a clue about the X Factor winner’s single but this year there has not been so much as a dickybird!

Sam Bailey, Luke Friend and Nicholas McDonald will all sing tomorrow night on the penultimate show of the series and the winner will be confirmed on Sunday evening.

A few hours after the finale ends the winner’s first single will be released and the team are hoping their track can top the Christmas single charts, however, as yet, ITV have not confirmed what that song might be.

There was a time when the finalists all recorded different versions of the same song, however over the last few years the acts have all laid down their own tunes, the most recent being James Arthur’s Impossible in 2012.

It’s thought that Sam, Luke and Nick all recorded different tunes for the 2013 series, however insiders say X Factor bosses are planning to keep the song choices secret until they are due to be performed at the weekend.

sam bailey luke friend nicholas mcdonald

The acts will perform their single for the first time on Sunday and the plans are, apparently, to zip their lips and reveal nothing until the big night and their big moments on Wembley arena stage.

Now the Twitter birdies have been talking and some users – who claim to have insider knowledge but might be plucking this information out of their bums – claim that Sam Bailey has recorded Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper, after Union J were denied the chance to release their version of the song last year.

One act will be eliminated from the X Factor tomorrow night, with the final two advancing to Sunday’s live extravaganza. Only this duo will get the chance to sing their winner’s single from the big stage.

This year, in a bid to push the track to the top of the charts, the X Factor winner’s single will be a charity release and all profits will be donated to children’s charity Together for Short lives.

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The song will be available to download once when the X Factor ends on Sunday, with a physical copy hitting the shelves later in the week.

For now, it looks very much like it will be Sam releasing the official X Factor track, as she’s not only the bookies’ favourite but also won the backing of the two impartial judges – Nicole Scherzinger and Gary Barlow – yesterday.

The Mirror think they can predict who will take the crown and like Gary, they think the only person who can give Sam a run for her money is 17 year old Luke Friend.

The newspaper reports that ampp3d scrutinised Google search results and concluded that, in the last 30 days, more people have searched for information on the former prison officer than either of her fellow contestants.

Luke Friend however has the strongest social media following, currently boasting 580,117 people over his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, while Sam stands at 303,309. Then again, many of her fans may not be exactly technologically advanced.

Who do you think will win on Sunday and what are you hoping to hear as the winner’s single? Leave your comments below….

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