X Factor 2016: Emily Middlemas & Olivia Garcia give “flawless” Six Chair Challenge auditions!

by Nick Barnes
X Factor 2016: Olivia Garcia

The X Factor continues this evening with the dreaded Six Chair Challenge stage of the competition, and if you’re a fan of X Factor you will know how brutal it actually gets.

In case you’re not up to speed with how the Six Chair Challenge works on X Factor, let us give you a little rundown… The Six Chair Challenge is the stage immediately after the Bootcamp stage of the competition. The numbers have already been whittle down drastically as from the thousands who apply, only around 11 remain in each category. However, the numbers have to be stripped even further which means that only SIX acts can make it through to the next stage of the competition: Judges’ Houses.

One by one in their respective categories, the acts will audition one more time for the judges before their decision is made. They will either be given one of the six seats, or they won’t. However, the brutal part is that even if they’re given one of the six seats on offer, it does not guarantee them a place int he next stage of the competition as they can easily be swapped out.

Trying to prove she has enough grit and determination to make it all the way is Emily Middlemas. She of course has to prove to Simon Cowell she has what it takes to represent the Girls Category in the competition.

X Factor 2016: Emily Middlemas

Courtesy of ITV

Emily is 17-years-old and comes from glasgow in Scotland. She decides to perform Cindy Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ at the Six Chair Challenge, and she pulls it off. She has a fantastic voice, and what we love about her performance is that she strips it back. Without sounding too much like Louis Walsh, she actually makes the song her own – she does her own version of the track.

“I’m a little bit nervous, but singing is what I do. It’s all I’m really good at. I really, really want this,” she tells the judges prior to her performance.

Here’s what the judges have to say about her performance:

Louis Walsh: “That was brilliant. You took a classic song and made it your own”.

Nicole Scherzinger: “That is like one of my favourite songs… I wanna buy it, it was so good”.

X Factor 2016: Olivia Garcia

Courtesy of ITV

The final contestant up this evening is the amazing Olivia Garcia from Wigan. Olivia is only 16-years-old, so some of the other contestant in the Girls category will have a lot more experience than Olivia, but sometimes, if you’ve got it, then you’ve really got it regardless of how much experience you may or may not have.

Olivia decides to perform a rendition of Paloma Faith’s ‘Changing’, and God, this girl is good… she brilliant.

With being the last act of the category on stage, Simon obviously has a very tough decision to make… does he give her a chair, or does he let her leave the competition?

“Even though I am the last person to perform today, I am not going down without a fight. I am going to try my hardest,” she says before her performance.

Here’s what the judges have to say about her performance:

Louis Walsh: “That was absolutely flawless.

Sharon Osbourne: “Waw, where did you come from?”

Nicole Scherzinger: “You definitely, and I will fight Simon for this, have to have a seat”.

Just because the other judges think that Olivia should have a seat, it doesn’t mean Simon will give her a seat. At the end of the day, it isn’t them to have to make the decision… What will Simon do?

You’ll have to tune into The X Factor from 8pm this evening to find out if either Olivia or Emily can make it through to the next stage of the competition.

Nick Barnes

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  1. Chris Kistan on October 2, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Olivia Garcia and Sohila Clifford should of went to the live shows .

    I would of chosen

    1 . Sohila
    2 . Olivia
    3 . Gifty
    4 . Emily wild card

    Samantha not even that great .

    I hope you Sohila and Olivia come back in X FACTOR 2017 – 2018

    Emily , Olivia and Sohila should work together in a girl group .

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