X Factor 2016: Sharon Osbourne lashes out at Saara Aalto defenders!

by Lisa McGarry

Sharon Osbourne has lashed out at viewers who have criticised her behaviour on the X Factor recently.

The reality TV matriarch has been blasted for consistently forgetting the names of her acts, when introducing them on the ITV show.

Once she was presenting an incredibly nervous and upset Saara Aalto to the crowd, as she prepared to sing her save me song in the singoff, but totally messed up her name.

Only last week she couldn’t remember who Honey G was. She must be the only person in the UK with that problem!

X Factor 2016: Saara Aalto


Mrs O has hit back this afternoon and ranted at her detractors. “It really p***es me off because, the thing is, this isn’t University Challenge,” Sharon insisted.

“We’re in the music industry. You’re meant to have a good time, be entertained, have a laugh.

“Just because I’m not dead serious and on the ball like this it’s like, ‘Please, get a life’.”

Some fans of the show have been less angry and more concerned about Sharon. There have been suggestions that she is suffering with mental health issues, while others have gone as far to claim that she may have early onset dementia.


The most popular theory however, is that Sharon has simply been having one too many whiskeys before and during the live shows.

The mum of three has denied the claims. “Because somebody’s having a good time do they have to be drunk because you’re a sad f*** and need to get loaded to have a good time? I don’t,” she told The Sun.

Sharon had to say goodbye to Honey G last weekend, after the wannabe rapper was voted out of the competition. She’s left with just Saara Aalto now as the series moves into its semi final round.

Do you think Saara can make the grand finale? Leave your comments below…

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