X Factor 2016: What’s REALLY going on with Sharon Osbourne? Is it worrying?

by Lynn Rowlands

Throughout the entirety of the current series of The X Factor, judge Sharon Osbourne has at times appeared to struggle with remembering the names of her Overs category finalists.

But she seems to have particularly struggled when it comes to Saara Aalto, and even when she does remembers Saara’s name, she pronounces is ‘Zara’.

Sharon has also frequently forgotten where Saara is from…

At other times during this year’s X Factor, Sharon has stared blankly into the camera when she has to introduce her acts, and has needed prompting by either Louis Walsh or Nicole Scherzinger as to what she’s supposed to be doing or saying.

However, last night, Sharon – no doubt accidentally – revealed that the show’s production team have resorted to writing up prompts for her…

At first, Sharon’s ‘forgetfulness’ amused most X Factor viewers, and many joked that she’s been drunk during a number of the Saturday night live shows.


However, Nicole has been accused of being as tired and emotional as a newt on a Saturday night too…

And personally, I wouldn’t care if the judges were steaming drunk, because it’s always good telly when they get raucous, raunchy and in general chaotic. But I have to say, I’m getting genuinely quite worried about Sharon.

If it had been only once or twice that Sharon had forgotten someone’s name or forgotten what she was supposed to be saying, then it obviously wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But as it’s happened on a near weekly basis, I honestly think someone should be raising a few red flags about it.

After all, forgetfulness and inappropriate behaviour are symptoms of all manner of medical issues, including dementia and diabetes to name but two. And it seems I’m not alone in being worried for Sharon on that score.



What do you think of Sharon’s behaviour this year on X Factor?

Do you think it’s something to be worried about? Or are you convinced she’s simply having a snifter or two before the shows air?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.